With so many businesses promoting their products and services online search marketing was bound to generate a huge amount of statistics. It goes without saying that some of these statistics will only reinforce existing marketing facts, but others genuinely do offer new insight.  Some of the most important notions to consider are those which reflect on the way that potential clients view and interact with brands as well as the way that business owners themselves view their own brand and those of their competitors.

According to research 39% of business owners think that their closest competitor has a better website than they do, whilst 20% believe that their website doesn’t represent their brand.  Search marketing is beneficial to companies in terms of traffic to their website, but statistics such as these indicate that there is also a need for business owners to have a clear idea of what their company is all about.  Having a clear picture of the aims and values of your company and ensuring that your website is as engaging and accessible as possible would allow business owners to feel more confident about the status of their website compared to their competitors.

Seeking search marketing advice has the potential to significantly influence your business in a positive way given that 44% of people would not want to do business with a company if their website content is poor or out of date. That means that almost half of the people that visit your site would decide not to make use of your services or buy your products because of a lack of current and valuable content; these are potential customers who otherwise may have found the product or service that you offer to be ideal for them.

The overall conclusions that can be drawn from these statistics is a need for companies to be confident in their brand and to have a clear vision of how they want it to be portrayed, alongside a need for regularly updated content which is both relevant and informative.  These may seem like basic ideas, but the statistics speak for themselves, and search marketing services could help you to make the necessary changes to your website.