A good Internet Marketing company knows that the super affiliates can be identified by various factors:

Their site presentation, the SEO which will give them good search engine rankings, in the natural or organic search listings

Their reputation in the Affiliate and Internet Marketing community

Their track record and the success of Internet Marketing programs they have deployed

If they are fair with their commission levels and treat their search marketing customers with respect and engage in an ethical marketing programme

Other super affiliates that we have extensive contact with are the Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliates. A lot of these individuals are often the real movers and shakers of the Affiliate Marketing industry, earning themselves a very healthy living by doing exactly that for their clients. A PPC Affiliate will often finance their own MSN, Yahoo or Google Adwords campaigns.

All good Affiliate partners research your website before deciding to promote your products or not. Successful Affiliates are Internet Marketing experts, they make sure your products will be attractive to their users and monitor your website conversion rates, as their earnings rely upon the success of your marketing campaign and the customer generating a good return of investment.

Your Affiliate acquisition is very important. The best Affiliate’s expect a well managed Affiliate program, as they can take their pick of clients. Therefore, it is important that the commission is attractive to them and that you promote your website and its products well.

The team at Digital State Marketing works with many of the best Affiliates on different Affiliate programs on various networks.