The study, by Screen Digest, said the market had been driven by attempts to emulate World of Warcraft as of the general popularity of such games, the ability to communicate with each other via headphone sets and that Internet Marketing firms were targeting these avenues to develop hits and lead generation.

Machines like X–Box now carry multimedia and therefore have advertising opportunities for companies to look at. The findings suggest that the MMOG’s market in ENA was worth $1.4bn currently.

Speaking to the BBC, a senior online analyst said that “despite the recession, subscription MMOG’s were still showing significant growth.”

The Internet Marketing opportunities are huge, as the games are divided into subsets targeting specific online communities – ie. demographically and culturally – much as marketing companies target different form of social media depending upon their offering.

The 5 Most Popular Subscription Games in Terms of Spending

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Club Penguin
  3. RuneScape
  4. Eve Online
  5. Final Fantasy XI

The recession has meant, in general, people are staying in and looking for home entertainment. Online gaming and specifically MMOG’s will continue to present excellent online marketing opportunities for advertisers until people, ironically enough, pay for a subscription to the game and the internet advertising drops off.