For those who aren’t entirely clued up on the social media phenomenon, we’ll start with a short introduction on what social media is. The most popular social media platforms are Twitter and Facebook, and are the main ones that Digital State Marketing look to promote websites on. By using these platforms you can connect with your target audience and their friends. Most importantly you can identify the language used, keywords and terminology used for your products or services, trends and much more. All of this information will keep you ahead of your competition by building personal relationships with your customers and keep them visiting your page.

It has recently appeared that focusing solely on SEO techniques is no longer going to guarantee the lucrative number 1 spot on the search engines. Instead, content marketing and social networking is now playing a bigger part. It is essential to make your website proactive on the web by using ethical search engine marketing tools. At Digital State Marketing we recommend all of our clients are constantly updating their website, content and social media to keep it in the eyes of the Google search bots.

So is social media taking over search engine optimisation? Many critics of Google have stated that it is failing to provide users with desired results, unlike the social networks for example Facebook; that provides advertisements tailored to your personal preferences. Some have said that in order for search engines to compete with the social networks it needs to go social. By this it means advertisements that are like recommendations from trusted and respected sources, e.g. friends. Google has already tried to up its game by introducing Google +, another attempt to compete with social media giants Twitter and Facebook.

At Digital State Marketing we believe that websites should be actively taking on a search engine marketing campaign and incorporating all of the above strategies: search marketing, social media and content optimisation. Who knows, Google may go social and if it does it will add on another aspect of the highly influential search engine.

If you are interested in improving your websites online presence and need some advise on where to start, contact The Digital State Marketing today. We are search engine marketing specialists and would like to discuss your requirements for a search marketing campaign.