Yahoo and Bing have recently announced their online alliance, which is aimed at encouraging online marketers to streamline their online search marketing campaign efforts through the two companies.

Google takes up an amazing 90 per cent of the search engine market, with the combination of Yahoo and Bing taking up only eight per cent. Many have said that it is disproportionate to have three separate pay-per-click campaigns to make sure that they appear on all the search engines.

Yahoo and Bing are urging search marketing companies and everyday users to consider search marketing through their search alliance. The easy part for the companies using the alliance is that one search marketing campaign will be represented in two search engines.

The companies also believe that it will give customers a realistic choice beyond search engine giants Google and it may help people migrate away from the leading search engine.

All we can say is that to migrate away from Google can only mean losing 90 per cent of the online population, to maintain a sufficient online marketing campaign it is important to firstly distinguish who your audience are and where they are searching in order to make a choice on which strategy you decide to take.

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