Keyword selection is an integral part of a well-planned search marketing campaign. They are literally the foundation of every other part of a campaign. At the Digital State Marketing we utilise several methods of ascertaining keywords for our clients, making use of Google analytics, our own content tool and traffic volume tools. There are many external factors that also need to be taken into consideration, such as spend and return on investment. In a recent keyword analysis for a client in the carpet industry we came across the keyword “red carpet”. At first glance this seems like a good term, ripe for search engine optimisation however; on closer inspection all was not well. While the company in question has a high PR site and a healthy budget and as such a push on the keyword would have been successful, the ROI would have been negligible. While the keyword has huge levels of traffic volume, we noticed that this traffic was highly cyclical, corresponding with the film and music industry award ceremonies. The top ten on is littered with entertainment sites and red carpet hire sites, as such the carpet companies listing was more than likely to be overlooked. Search Marketing, like any form of marketing needs to take into consideration the audience that the client would like to attract.

This is where long tail targeting is an important consideration, while traffic may be a lot lower the clients are critically nearer the Point Of Purchase or the POP point. For example if you “cars” into Google the front page features a Wikipedia article about the Disney film, a Youtube video of Gary Numan, review sites and a selection of large brand car sales companies.  To use this term in a search marketing scenario would require a higher budget, a site with a competitive pr and a selection of fresh, relevant content.  If you are a Vauxhall dealer in the Cumbria, this would make the cost prohibitive, instead utilising the longtail for seo would be more prudent. While the traffic for the term “vauxhall north west” is less than 5% of the broad term “cars”, the traffic received will be highly convertible. As the client already know they want a Vauxhall and are looking in the northwest.

At the Digital State Marketing we look for the most intelligent keywords, rather than promising you results for vanity phrases. As part of our ethical search marketing approach, we want to work with you to select the terms that will produce the highest ROI and benefit your company.