How does your Landing page rate? A seo company investigates

//How does your Landing page rate? A seo company investigates

How does your Landing page rate? A seo company investigates

If you want to attract customers and clients to your webpages then you need to ensure that you have a good landing page. If someone goes to your landing page but is not impressed with what they see they will click off it again giving the page a high bounce rate. More importantly if they click straight off the page it means they are not interacting with your site so the traffic is ultimately worthless. Any seo company will tell you that this is not a good position to be in. Instead you want people to go to your landing page and be encouraged to browse, interact and if you’re a retail site, make that vital purchase.

It can be hard for businesses to know how good their landing page is so Digital State Marketing were interested to hear about the launch of a free Adwords Landing Page Grader by Wordstream. The tool requires read only access to your AdWords account as it uses data from here to evaluate and see where your traffic comes from. The tool can then give you an idea of how your landing pages rank compared to others of a similar spend and business type.

The landing page grader tool analyses active pages in your Adwords account and looks at key areas such as conversions, keywords and mobile optimisation. It then pulls this data to produce a report which shows in how you compare to others. It includes things such as graphs so the information is easy to understand and evaluate at a glance. This can then be used as a guide for areas to improve on as you can easily see if you are rated higher or lower than competitors. From a search marketing perspective this tool is useful as an easy and quick way to see how your landing pages are doing.

You would still be advised to complete more comprehensive tests on your landing pages to ensure they are fully optimised but the landing page grader is a good starting point. It can be difficult to know what to do to fully optimise your landing page which is when the services of a good seo company come in.

A seo company can help with all aspects of your search marketing but they are also able to focus on specific areas such as PPC. They will be able to tell you ways to optimise your landing pages and stream line your campaigns so your click rate brings high revenue rather than a high bounce rate.

If you are interested in seeing how you could improve your search marketing and optimise your landing pages and website then contact the Digital State Marketing. They are specialists in seo and search marketing so will be able to help get your campaigns back on track.

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