The link between Search Marketing and CRO

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The link between Search Marketing and CRO

CRO (conversion rate optimisation) has long been associated with PPC campaign but, up until a few years ago, it was largely ignored by search marketers. Thankfully, as search marketing has evolved, the links between search marketing and CRO have become stronger and the two are clearly linked.

Search marketing involves increasing organic traffic to your website. However, if this traffic gets to your site but then leaves without any activity, it is not necessarily beneficial.

User Journey

You want the increase in traffic from your search marketing campaign to lead to an increase in conversions and interactions on the site and this is where CRO comes into its own.

One of the first steps within CRO is assessing what your goals are. Is it simply for more transactions to occur, or is it the completion of goals such as signing up to a newsletter, registering or clicking on a specific button such as “buy it now”? You are able to set goals up in analytics, meaning you are more able to monitor your specific goals. However, a lot of businesses do not utilise this opportunity.

Once you have decided on your goals, you then need to consider how you can get users to complete these goals more effectively. Ask your search marketing company for a search marketing CRO report, or, if you don’t use a company, ask family or friends for feedback on what they feel as a user to the site. Often, a fresh pair of eyes sees things differently and can generate more ideas.

There are lots of variables that can improve CRO. The wording on buttons such as “buy it now” can  affect conversions – try something different and monitor the success after the change. “Submit” may not be as effective as “Get Started” so consider wording carefully. Perhaps the button is too small or perhaps it blends into the background and could benefit from a change in colour. Maybe the location needs to be changed. The example below shows that a change of the location of the button led to a large increase in conversions.

Variant Testing

However, remember that what works on one site may not necessarily work for your site and your demographic.

As a user, you often see pages with no content or content that isn’t directed towards the right demographic. If you are writing for businesses, ensure your content is informative and tailored to business, and if you have testimonials from well-known clients, ensure they are prominently displayed.

If you run frequent special offers, draw users’ attention to them but don’t overload the user with offers and deals. Too much information is likely to confuse them and this can lead to them becoming frustrated and leaving the site.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to increase CRO and the links between search marketing and CRO are becoming increasingly interlinked as search marketers realise that there is more to search marketing then just getting visitors to a website. If you are interested in a search marketing CRO report or would like further information, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at the Digital State Marketing.

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