Why is long tail targeting so important?

//Why is long tail targeting so important?

Why is long tail targeting so important?

Long tail targeting could be the key to success. As part of the Account Management team here at Digital State Marketing I know only too well what my clients need and want from their SEO campaigns with us. Sometimes all they want to achieve is page 1 of Google for all of their keywords yet how convertible is this? I am in no way saying that being on page one of Google isn’t amazing I am saying you may find long tail targeting gains you more convertible traffic.

Long tail targeting can decrease the bounce rate on your website as users are finding you for what they have searched for. A good example if search for Jaguar you are most likely to have two results come up for Jaguar, one being the car brand the other being the animal. I am sure that between these two different meanings is a high bounce rate on the Jaguar car website and the Wikipedia Jaguar page that comes up. A good long tail example would be ‘Jaguars in captivity’ not only will this lead you directly to the information you need it would filter out all the un-relevant websites that may also appear.

Having a mixture of long tail keywords can give your keyword rankings a bit of a boost. Having long tail variations of a keyword can help the SEO for all the others keywords you have on your campaign. For example,

–          Vauxhall Cars – this would be your broad keyword.

–          Vauxhall VXR Racing Red – this would be a long tail keyword.

Straight away you are targeting less users but will be targeting the users that are after information of looking to buy that specific Vauxhall Model.

Researching long tails keywords is a must here as an Account Manager at Digital State Marketing. My clients get a full in depth research into their keywords at the beginning of their SEO campaign. I make sure that my clients keywords will bring them the most relevant and convertible traffic to their campaign. When needs be we sometimes review keywords if the business changes or there is different stock now available.

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