The most important long term consideration for any search marketing campaign is sourcing quality inbound links. These links from relevant sites, tell the search engines that your site is worth crawling and positioning higher in their results.

The next consideration for optimal search marketing is ensuring that your site follows basic SEO on page rules. This is the website equivalent of tidying the house after sending the invitations out. Links from other sites will invite Google et al to your site, if they arrive and the table isn’t laid, you won’t get rave reviews. Leaving the analogy behind, Google is a hyper textual search engine and as such its spiders are looking at the text on your site. Ensuring that you’re Urls, meta data and H1 tags are all optimised for your terms, will make it easier for the spiders to realise that your site is relevant.  The search marketing group offer excellent day rates for websites that require maintenance in this often overlooked area of search engine optimisation. Our experienced team can either complete the work for you or alternatively we can conduct an audit of your site, so that you can action the work yourself.

Another factor to consider is that once the spiders have been through your site, it will be entered into their cache of pages. When the spider returns it will be looking for more signs that your site is relevant and an authority on your chosen keywords. It’s important to remember that the name of the game for search engines is to keep people using their engine. To this they need to produce the results that people are looking for and as such your site needs to offer what the search engines perceive the public wants. In Google’s case this put simply translates into high quality, fresh content. The content needs to be written in a manner that a human can read and be relevant. The freshness argument comes into force, as the spiders want to see new content on each cache of your site, which will have the knock on effect of prompting them to visit your site more often.

At Digital State Marketing, our helpful team is always on hand to offer you advise on any of the basics covered in the article.