Google Partner Manchester: What does it actually mean?

//Google Partner Manchester: What does it actually mean?

Google Partner Manchester: What does it actually mean?

Having a badge from Google is a huge bragging right. The badge not only denotes that we are knowledgeable in what we do, but it is an emblem for our clients and future clients, comforting them that we can be trusted, we have high standards and a respectable reputation that we attain and maintain.

As one of Manchester’s premier search marketing companies, we are proud to announce that DSM have been a Google Certified Adwords Partner for 3 years now.  But what does that actually mean?

Being a Google Certified AdWords partner means that here at Digital State Marketing, our PPC staff have taken and successfully passed Google’s vigorous tests and met their high standard criteria and agency requirements. That means that whether you speak to an account manager in our Ulverston Head Office or in our Manchester branch, you’re guaranteed to have an experienced guide.

Our staff have passed at least two of the following exams:

  • Advertising Fundamentals: This exam covers the most basic aspects of AdWords and online advertising. This includes account management and the value of search advertising.
  • Advanced Search: This exam covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for managing AdWords campaigns.
  • Advanced Display: This exam covers intermediate-to-advanced best practices for advertising on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

The fact staff have taken these exams means you can be rest assured that Digital State Marketing only ever follow and implement Google’s best practices with our client’s campaigns.

You will have a qualified specialist managing your campaign ensuring you have the most cost effective and efficient Adwords operation. Our experts are constantly being informed of new updates and changes within the Google sphere so you can also be confident that your campaign will continuously be refreshed and revised keeping your online presence in the forefront and optimal.

We are frequently evaluated and monitored by Google to ensure that we are maximising our client’s accounts and we are able to provide an excellent service. This includes but is not limited to ensuring we are allotting the budget to the best potential and we are able to keep and maintain clients (our retention rate).

We are delighted to display our Google Certified Adwords badge. Should you want any further information on how we can assist you in your Adwords endeavours, do not hesitate to contact us now, either in Cumbria or in Manchester.

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