Mobile and its repercussions for a search engine optimisation company

//Mobile and its repercussions for a search engine optimisation company

Mobile and its repercussions for a search engine optimisation company

The continued growth of mobile search poses a number of questions for a search engine optimisation company. Initially the choice of keywords may be called into question for some markets such as restaurants or other location based services, as people are more likely to be searching for location specific information while on the move. Although, having said that, not all mobile searches are made on the move or with immediacy. As the price of mobile data packages decrease and WIFI is a high street lure for a generation, mobile browsing is becoming a norm for those wanting to pass the time. There are also those who will use their mobile to price check items while they are in high street stores. This means that usability for mobile devices is growing quickly and now maybe the time to invest in assessing your sites suitability. There are tools available, offering generic advice (see below) and then you can utilise your own data to further improve the mobile usability of your site.

Mobile & SEO - HJ - 1Another element to consider for your search engine optimisation company, is the impact making your site mobile has on Google’s own perception of your site. In January 2015, the Google Webmaster tools rolled out is Mobile-Friendly Test and the rumours of mobile user experience being a part of the Google algorithm began to circulate. As you can see from the image, the tool highlights errors, demonstrates how the page is viewed by googlebot and offers ways in which to remedy the site to their satisfaction. As with most calls to action from Google, getting the work done in the fashion that they have requested will almost always benefit their perception of your website (and  with it hopefully increase its visability).

While mobile in its current form, is still largely a larger emphasis on local search terms for some industries (including you have secured your map lisitings etc) and making your site mobile friendly, looking to the future the development of mobile and its increased role in the algorithm may lead to search engine optimisation companies having to think more laterally.

Apps go hand in hand with modern smart phones (across all platforms) and they are a great way to streamline the mobile experince for commonly used services. The image on the left below comes from an iphone screenshot of the mobile BBC weather page and the one on the right is a screenshot of the App.

Mobile & SEO - HJ - 2Mobile & SEO - HJ - 3

While the information presented is the same, the App took half the time to load and is much easier to navigate. While currently, the prospect of downloading an App on the move maybe be churlish, if it becomes a more realisistic proposition, will Apps join the SERPS, as the most relevent answer to a query?

Another interesting strand to consider for the future, is the development of wearable tech (think watches and Google Glass), in which search queries are often made via voice control. The move towards semantic search is already in play, by incorparating searches that lean more towards coloquial interpretation, could the old realiable keywords such as “blue bananas uk” begin to die out, making way for an even more infinate array of long tail searches?

If you are looking for help ensuring that your site is mobile friendly, then why not contact the team at Digital State Marketing.

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