Why you need a seo technical audit to help succeed online

//Why you need a seo technical audit to help succeed online

Why you need a seo technical audit to help succeed online

To succeed online you need to work hard and you need to ensure that your website is fully optimised so it works hard for you. Whether you are a relatively new company or a fully developed site with years of history a seo technical audit is of equal importance. Perhaps you did one when your site was first created but to optimise your website fully, a full audit should be completed at least once per year but ideally every 6 months.

A regular seo technical audit is vital due to a number of reasons. Search engines such as google update algorithms on a consistent basis. These updates can affect the performance of your website and as seo rules change and develop things can become out of date quite quickly. Webmaster guidelines also change so you need to ensure you are still compliant with these.

If there are issues on your website then a technical seo audit will highlight them meaning they can be fixed sooner rather than later. Nothing is more frustrating to a browser than a site that doesn’t work properly so finding a glitch that affects usability is important. You can then resolve the glitch making your site more user friendly and therefore more appealing to use.

As part of the seo technical audit you can look at your site content and if necessary change or refresh it. If no-one visits certain pages then are they necessary on the site? If not, then they can be removed or replaced with something more relevant that will draw user’s attention.

The links that your website has is another area that can be investigated as part of the seo technical audit. Evaluate the links to your site and if you have any poor links they can be removed. You can then take some time focusing on the creation of good links. This will positively impact on your pagerank.

It can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for if you complete a seo technical audit yourself and you may not have the tools required. If you complete the audit yourself then you are not impartial and this may influence some parts of the audit as you are not looking at it as objectively as an outsider. For these reasons it is often better to entrust your seo technical audit to a search marketing expert such as the Digital State Marketing.

Digital State Marketing can complete the audit on your behalf and will produce a comprehensive report that highlights any issues. If this is done regularly you will be able to see hopefully positive changes to your site and if for some reason you encounter any issues in the future then you have a marker as to when things were improving and how your site was performing at a given time.

If you would like more information regarding a seo technical audit for your website or you are interested in a wider search marketing campaign then get in touch today.

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