It’s always been a tricky process trying to link your Google adwords and analytics accounts together, but, without this link you could be missing out on valuable insight into what your users are doing.

It’s no secret both adwords and analytics accounts provide important information; however; using one product alone does not provide the full picture in terms of user interaction. Adwords allows you to target ads and their keywords to users whilst providing full reporting on how each of those ads/keywords is performing. This tracking of cost per acquisition is of course fundamental to any business. However, adwords does not allow you see the users’ path from them clicking the ad to then converting. It does not show you the bounce rate of certain keywords. It does not show you how many pages users went through before converting. Analytics does provide this information, along with other user site engagement such as average visit duration. By linking the two accounts, this information is brought together giving you a better understanding on overall user behaviour and consequently you can see whether your adwords campaign is driving the right kind of traffic to your site.

It seems Google have realised people are missing out on this link; no doubt they are missing out on additional revenue this link could create. Historically, linking adwords and analytics accounts used to be quite complicated; involving multiple steps on multiple pages across the two accounts.  Thankfully, Google will soon be rolling out a new easier method, reducing it to just 2 steps and one linking wizard. Assuming you have administrative access to both accounts, from your analytics account, you’ll just need to click on ‘Adwords Linking’ and then ‘New Link’ within the accounts admin area and follow the linking wizard.

Once completed, you’ll be able to import goals and conversions into your adwords account along with site engaging metrics such as bounce rate. On the other hand you’ll be able to import adwords costs and other campaign metrics into your analytics account. Whether you’re accessing direct through analytics, or adwords, you’ll have the visibility and information you need to understand user interaction and how to improve your marketing strategy.

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