New Hummingbird Algorithm big news for search marketing companies

//New Hummingbird Algorithm big news for search marketing companies

New Hummingbird Algorithm big news for search marketing companies

This past month has seen the introduction of Google’s brand new search algorithm the “Hummingbird.” Announcements like this are always big news to search marketing companies like ourselves, as it raises the question of what the changes will mean for SEO as a whole. The name “Hummingbird” goes some way to explaining the changes the new algorithm intends to make. The connotations being “fast and precise” seem to indicate good news for users, who will be getting the results they want at a faster rate. So how do the changes impact SEO?

As an algorithm is used by Google to sort through the billions of web pages within its indexes to deliver what it believes is the “best answer,” a change to algorithm means a change in the way the answers are delivered. So what’s different? The changes are said to be catered towards serving the search demands of today, rather than the ones that were created for the needs of ten years ago. Here at the DSM, we understand that demand and the way people search for things changes over time. The Hummingbird has accordingly tailored the sorting technique to a “conversational search”, aiming to focus on the meaning behind the words as opposed to traditional search engines that simply pulled words from a search entry.

So how does it do this? Take a search entry about an iPhone 5s, for example “iphone 5s features”. The search engine may derive from this it is a type of electronic device carried by certain stores. What the Hummingbird is doing is taking on board the whole “conversation” in the aim of delivering more accurate results. The motivation here comes from the fact that pages which match meaning are more relevant than pages simply matching a few words, which is important information for our search marketing company.

At The Search Marketing Company, we are interested in the effects this change will have on SEO. Following the release of the Hummingbird, Google has confirmed that there’s nothing new or different that SEO or publishers need to worry about. The guidance to take on board for search marketing companies like ourselves is to have original, high quality content. In addition, signals that have been important before, remain important now. The Hummingbird is simply designed to process such signals in better ways. The update was launched in early September but only reported in line with Google’s 15th birthday on the 27th September, as such it is fair to say that the update went more or less unnoticed by users.

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