Novelty Search Marketing from the Point of View of an SEO company

December 2, 2014 - Digital State Marketing

Search marketing is by its very nature a structured process; each action taken by an SEO company is designed to optimise the target site in line with the (current perception of the) Google algorithm – which by default is based wholly on mathematically appropriated variables.  Sounds kind of dry right? Perhaps that’s why they try to jazz it up with talk of pandas and penguins.

Of course, as the fine detail of the algorithm is a closely guarded secret, all search marketing efforts are in effect an exercise in trial and error. A good SEO company will be keeping abreast of the latest news from the SEO community and feeding it back into their campaigns. So far, so formulaic.

Then we come to the concept of content – you will struggle to find an SEO company that disputes its importance, but there is a degree of indecision about what makes the perfect content. Long form or short pieces? Is keyword density dead? Volume or quality? Typically, the terms ‘fresh’ and ‘relevant’ are bandied about. But perhaps content creators should start looking to add the word ‘novel’ to the mix. While there are certainly topics where taking a more novel approach to content would be a faux par, there are many industries where a little levity could engender their content to a wider audience.

While social metrics may not be a formally recognised metric within the search engine algorithms, the concept of content as link bait is an important one and social signals may lead influencers to fin content that they may otherwise have missed. Writing pieces that entertain, as well as getting your message across, are more likely to be shared. A great example of this is the flurry of activity from large companies around the globe on April Fool’s day. While some of the companies that take part are not always the most serious (looking at you Google), this annual event sees global brands scrabbling to ‘out-novel’ each other and attain a share of the marketing opportunity.  Within search marketing, a degree of novelty can be added to your monthly content provision, with the intention of enticing users to your site. Couple this with a portfolio of more serious pieces on your site and you can engage a range of new users to your site.

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