Since the beginning of this year’s Olympic Games, athletes have been using all forms of social media to keep the world updated on their experience and give a “behind the scenes” look at the games. Twitter has been the main source that athletes turn to when discussing the games. Similarly, search marketing companies use seo to make websites more noticeable online.

To aid with this, more information is given by websites to show that they are legitimate. When more information is placed on sites by an ethical search marketing company, those sites are thought to have greater relevance on search engines like Google. This helps companies get noticed more by their target audience, when someone searches the term that is being targeted.

Some Olympians that are putting out more content regarding the games are United States basketball star LeBron James and swimmer Michael Phelps. In a way, these athletes are using tweets as content writing and boosting the search marketing for the Olympics. James, for example, has 5,627,723 followers on Twitter, and that number is only growing. For the games, this means that millions of people are reading James’ tweets, retweeting them and spreading the word.

From a search marketing and seo perspective, it is important to be ethical. This means that being honest about content information and gathering links is extremely important. Ethical search marketing is not always present, however, on Twitter and with individuals. While search marketing companies seek to get the best results online, people and celebrities on Twitter are not regulated. There is no filter with social media sites, so bad publicity can be leaked often.

An example of a tweet from Lebron James would be his opinion on the Olympics, or even discussing the travel to London from the United States. An seo company, however, chooses to calculate content more carefully so that a website can ethically move through the rankings and rise to the top on Google.

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