Optimisation versus design?

March 4, 2014 - Digital State Marketing

When building a site that will rank well with search engines, it is crucial to implement proper SEO website design. At Digital State Marketing, we appreciate the balance between a visually pleasing site, and one that is properly optimised. Those sites that are particularly design heavy tend to lack when it comes to on page optimisation. Overall, this means the site will suffer when it comes to being displayed in googles web search results. So whilst we develop a great looking site for your company, we are also dedicated to ensuring it is properly optimised with our seo technical audit service. Here at Digital State Marketing, we want to give a little insight into how we build sites that will rank better with search engines.

image from blog.imaginaryfoundation.com

image from blog.imaginaryfoundation.com

First thing to note, is when it comes to your website, simplicity is key. Your target audience do not want to navigate around an overcrowded site that is all over the place. This can be highly off putting and is sure to see web users leave your page to source a site which is easier to navigate. A web user wants a site that tells them exactly what they need, in a straightforward way, and this is exactly what our SEO technical audit will ensure. Our search marketing company also avoids over cramming your site with lots of graphics and images as this can cause slower loading speeds, which will result in visitors ultimately leaving your site. Instead, we will provide you with a clear, simple and neatly set out site without an information overload. This is a sure way to portray a professional site and professional company.

Another thing to note is the importance of recent uploads. You want to keep your site current and consistent in order to appeal to your target audience. At Digital State Marketing we are dedicated to providing your site with current and quality content to keep your audience engaged and coming back. The attention you give to your site is reflected in the level of traffic you receive. A web page which has no recent uploads and looks inactive, will result in a significant drop in traffic.  We will ensure your visitors are welcomed by a page with fresh, updated content which will keep them browsing your site and becoming regular visitors.

The content our SEO company produces for your site is underpinned by the aim of bringing more traffic to your site and ranking better with Google. We do this by producing professional, topical and quality content that is useful and interesting to your target audience. This ensures that visitors will feel a visit to your site is beneficial. It will also show you have knowledge in your particular niche which shows you are a reliable and professional company that takes the market seriously. Our articles will raise the profile of your site and will provide beneficial back links when posted. The time and effort we put into your content, will reflect in your rankings as it will keep search engines interested and will ensure your site is frequently crawled, boosting your rankings on the results page.

To find out more about our seo technical audit, do not hesitate to take a look around our website.