Why outsource your search marketing?

August 22, 2014 - Digital State Marketing

If your business had an unlimited amount of staff and internal resource many of you would take online marketing in –house. But taking everything in-house may not always be the best thing. Have you considered the benefits of outsourcing a search marketing company?

Why outsource your search marketing?


A search marketing company are specialist in their field they are able to take their knowledge and expertise and apply it to benefit your business. We (Digital State Marketing) hold several qualifications that mean that we have a detailed knowledgebase in the field of search marketing and have been recognised for our work. You know your business, they know there’s – a collaboration may be the better move.

Keep it fresh

Having an outsider look at the current strategy allows the opportunity for a new and fresh perspective. Sometimes it takes an outside assessment to see what you may not be able to see.

2 heads better than 1

Hiring a search marketing company, doesn’t mean you are hiring one individual – you are hiring a whole team. We are a company with a plethora of capabilities and possibilities that can all contribute to enhancing your online presence. You will not be dealing with one or two individuals in-house that know something about everything, you will hiring a search marketing TEAM that know everything about something (that something being search).

Time equals Money

The fact of the matter is: if you could you would, but you can’t so you need a search marketing company that can, leaving you to do what you do best and run the business.

Your search marketing company can publish post on social media and they will be able to review the stats and figures to cater and target your ideal demographic with a more focused campaign.  Your SEO Company can write content for your site, ensure it is written with your online optimisation in mind and they will also be able to ensure it is upload and distributed online effectively. They can monitor and assess your analytics, conduct technical optimisation on the site, they can get your online presence where you alone could not.

The more your search marketing group do, the less you need to do – allowing you to spend the time focusing on other areas.

If you have any questions regarding your search marketing contact one of our specialist.