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February 28, 2012 - Digital State Marketing

There are many reasons why someone would want to carry out an overseas payment. The reasons for doing so are escalating in the modern age, as travel and ownership between international countries increases. Baydonhill FX can help you finance your overseas property, organise the financial aspects of an emigration or even make regular international currency payments.


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Whether you are servicing a foreign mortgage, regularly need to return or send income or other funds to a foreign country or engage in regular overseas payments, Baydonhill FX simplifies the process and save you money at the same time.


  • Save up to 4% on Foreign Exchange currency rates compared to your bank

Baydonhill FX has saved many private clients as much as 4% over high street banking rates when purchasing through our foreign currency exchange services.

  • Commission free transactions

Baydonhill FX charges no additional commissions or fees on our foreign exchange services.

  • Simple, jargon free service

Speaking in plain English, Baydonhill’s staff will help ensure you understand all aspects of the currency exchange transaction.

  • Complete peace of mind

As the only publicly listed foreign currency exchange, Baydonhill FX can offer the utmost security.  Regulated by HM Customs and Revenue, they hold all client funds in a segregated client account.  Since their formation in 2000, they’ve helped tens of thousands of clients exchange billions of pounds into foreign currency safely.

  • Protection against currency market movements

Baydonhill FX can provide both spot and forward contracts (with the ability to fix a Foreign Exchange rate for up to 2 years on the latter.


If you have any queries regarding overseas payments then please visit https://www.baydonhillfx.com/.