Search marketing has had to evolve with the times and this now involves an increased emphasis on social media sites such as google+, Facebook and twitter. For those people who do not believe in the power of social media take heed of the following story.

A young boy in Ontario, decided to have a small party with around 60 people at his parents “under construction” mansion. The party on May 02 2014 should have been a quiet affair with his 60 guests but instead the boy found himself hosting up to 2,000 people, with 60 police vehicles in attendance and a tour bus! How could this possibly happen you might ask? Well it appears that a guest or two may have turned to twitter and promoted the party as hashtag #MansionParty. If you check it out on Twitter you will see the carnage that ensued, resulting in around $70,000 dollars in repairs.

If this example doesn’t show the power of social media to you then nothing will. Although it may show the power of social media it has hardly been utilised effectively. So imagine if this power is being harnessed and used effectively what results it could have for a business. For example if you want 60 people to buy your product but 2,000 decide they would like it then you’re onto a winner.

Managing social media should be part of a wider search marketing campaign but it needs to be given the attention it deserves. It is important to ensure your company brand is consistent across all the social media platforms so all users receive the same, strong brand message. If you make regular posts and develop a loyal following then you are starting to win the battle. If a post you make then goes viral even better. It is possible to manage your campaign yourself but it may be better to leave it in the hands of an experienced search marketing company.

The Digital State Marketing realises that the best campaigns contain both SEO and social media. They also know that SEO needs to include strong content and good, robust web design not just keywords and links. If you would like to see how a SEO and social media campaign could benefit your company then get in touch today.