A quick insight into link sculpting

//A quick insight into link sculpting

A quick insight into link sculpting

A web user is faced with thousands upon thousands of pages to crawl through when they make a Google search. The key words they use and how your site ranks for these will determine where they end up after they have made their search. As a website owner, you want your target audience to land on your most valuable and relevant pages. This is the best way to ensure a conversion event, such as a purchase of your products, takes place. What you do not want is the web user to land on your least relevant pages as they will not find what they are looking for and will quickly leave this page. For this, there is link sculpting. At Digital State Marketing we will perform link sculpting to ensure your audience are directed to your most important pages.

So what makes your different web pages vary in importance? This centres on pages which have the greatest potential to rank highly for the particular key word in question. The pages with greater ranking potential are much more likely to be clicked by the web user who will then browse your page and will be driven towards a particular conversion event. With this is mind, it would seem your home page is of high importance here. The pages which are less likely to rank highly, such as your privacy policy page, are less important for link sculpting purposes. By virtue of link sculpting, our SEO Company can ensure your target audience will be brought to the pages which are the most relevant to their search.

How does it do this? Link sculpting has the power to inform Google of the web site pages which we do not wish to be interpreted in the Google search. A “no follow” command is added to your sites internal links which determines whether this page is likely to be landed on or not. No Follow is a message to the search engines of the way the website owner interprets the relevancy of the page that the search engine is linking to. The search engine robot does not crawl links with the no follow tag meaning web users will no longer be deterred from your site by irrelevancy. Therefore, by link sculpting, we have the power to direct the page rank to the pages that will ensure your site will perform at its best.

At the Search Marketing Group, we want your site to perform to its optimum potential within the search results. This is why we will ensure your web pages which have the highest page ranking potential are the ones which the search results will direct to. To find out more about our services please feel free to contact a member of our team today.

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