What to do regarding PPC services with Black Friday fast approaching.

November 25, 2014 - Digital State Marketing

Black Friday is fast approaching. As the holiday season approaches online retailers warm up for what many expect to be the ultimate Black Friday. According to Shop.org e-commerce sales are expected to increase by a whopping 8-11% in 2014.

As the E-Commerce online retailers approach the starting line, it is of the utmost importance they have come to the race prepared.

There are many ways to ensure you stay on top of your game this season. One way is to make the most of PPC services available to you and ensure that you have the best PPC ad going. Below are the three core principals to a successful and rewarding Pay per Click campaign.

  1. Call to your audience and pull them in.

There is nothing more deterring to a user than a poorly written ad. Be excited about your product/ service and your audience will be as well; don’t just call a kettle a “kettle” call it “the tea maker that calms all situations”.


Your PPC ad needs to engage with the audience; it needs to be concise, exciting and compelling. Use phrases that describe your product/ service, add a sense of urgency, and make the buyer feel they have to get it NOW. Talk to your PPC services provider for more help if you need. 

  1. Give them what they want

Once you have written something that calls to the user and makes them click on the ad, don’t think you have to take them to the home page. Take them to where they want to go!

PPC Kettle Landing Page1

Generic Landing Page

PPC Kettle Landing Page2

Kettle-Specific Landing Page

For “kettles” take me to a page where I can see and shop for kettles. A good PPC campaign will aid the conversion, users will get frustrated if they have to go through your site looking of the product they want. Put it right in front of them.

  1. Make it easy

Black Friday will be a mad rush, users will want to shop easily and effectively. Many users don’t want to ask loads of questions and don’t want to waste time looking through meaningless information; allow the user to see everything they need to convert.


I want to buy it now, I want to know where I can pick it up from, I want to call the store and reserve one. Google Pay per Click campaigns allow you to display Ad Extensions – use them.

For more help and advice on how to make the most of PPC services and your PPC campaign, speak to a member of our PPC team today.