According to sources at the Wall Street Journal, Google, the search engine that search engine marketing companies focus on, has been working with at least two private equity firms to secure financing for a Yahoo bid. The source has stated that it is currently in early stages and a formal proposal is yet to be put together.

If Google does not go ahead and make a bid for Yahoo, it is more than likely that other competition will go ahead. The likes of Microsoft and Alibaba are on the list of potential bidders.

Google already holds stakes with Yahoo in Yahoo Japan. This already creates significant revenue to the search engine giant as it is one of the only regional search engines in Japan.

As we already know, Google is the main search engine that a search marketing company looks to optimise websites on. With it taking up to 80% of the search market in the UK, it is essential that websites are fully SEO optimised for the Google search algorithms. If Google is to take over Yahoo, it will have a significant market share. This could possibly benefit those who optimise on Google as it could make the algorithms on Yahoo the same as those on Google; making an improvement on their Yahoo search positioning effortlessly.

Google has many motives for the bid; one major factor is that they aren’t currently a market leader in the Asia-Pacific region. Yahoo’s dominance there would provide Google with an ever growing world market share of the search engines. This can only be advantageous to those wanting to expand online business globally using Google and search engine marketing techniques.

Other additional bonuses with a takeover would be Yahoo’s booming ad presence. This would improve Google’s adwords campaigns. Adwords campaigns are a handy tool to make your website visible on the search engines and at Digital State Marketing we generally advise businesses to start search engine marketing campaigns with adwords, mainly to quickly promote your brand, whilst optimising keywords naturally. For more information on ethical Google adwords campaigns contact one of our Adwords specialists now by using our contact us page.

Another prime factor in a takeover for Yahoo would ultimately be the amount of website hits. Yahoo remains an extremely popular search engine with over 700 million monthly unique visitors which would create a lucrative portal to advertise Google and its various services.

So, will Google’s bid be successful? Google will have an excruciatingly hard time buying Yahoo due to the competition and other various reasons. All we can say is watch this space! If you would like more information on how to start an ethical search marketing campaign, contact our search engine marketing specialists on 01229 484290 now to have a no obligatory chat about your requirements.