In terms of Search engine marketing Google Image Search is often overlooks, yet it receives around a billion pageviews per day providing an excellent source of traffic. But, is optimising on Google Image Search beneficial to your business? If ranking on the image search is beneficial to you getting traffic, then it is essential for you to know how to get those images to rank well. At Digital State Marketing we have compiled this article to give you a head start in optimising your images for the optimum traffic that could help you improve your SERP’s with an ethical search marketing campaign.

There are many companies that will benefit from having their images highly ranked on the search engines. A great example of this is photographers or designers. For a photographer, having their work shown on the internet is a great platform for them to get their work seen by potential buyers. Although many photographers have come across problems with people stealing their work without permission, it is still something that is essential for their own search engine marketing campaign to build a reputation on the web.

Here are a few tips on how to optimise your images fully for the search engines.

Image name: After downloading your images from your digital camera they are usually alpha-numerically named with little to define their content. Name the images; so that once they are saved onto your website, the image name is fully visible in the URL. This provides Google with an idea on what the image is about, ultimately helping towards your SEO campaign.

Alt Tags: Adding alt tags to your images can help towards your search engine marketing campaign. Firstly associate your image directly to a set of text, then give the search engines a set of information to use as anchor text, if the image is used as a link. Optimising the text here is just the same as optimising content on your website. The more you do to make all aspects of your website fully keyword optimised will help towards improving your rankings on both the natural search listings and on the image search.

If Google Image search is something you need to be doing to optimise your business on the search engines but this article has completely baffled you on where to start, contact Digital State Marketing. We provide effective, ethical search engine marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. For more information on how to optimise your images for image search contact us today on 01229 484290.