Search Engine Marketing: Long tail search terms.

//Search Engine Marketing: Long tail search terms.

Search Engine Marketing: Long tail search terms.

A large part of search engine marketing is researching the key search terms relevant to a client’s industry in order to optimise their website as best as possible around these search terms. Another important area of search marketing is a concept known as the long tail, which is the term used to describe the hundreds sometimes even thousands of possible keywords and key phrases that a website is found for, yet rarely noticed or utilised by owners of the website. As the name suggests long tail keywords are the longer, more detailed keywords that are less common, individually, but add up to account for the majority of search-driven traffic.

Those beginning search engine marketing campaigns often focus on short terms or headline terms when optimizing their sites for organic search or creating pay-per-click campaigns. The long tails are often neglected it is thought that this can be a mistake as the long tail keywords are less competitive offering them the possibility of incredible ROI. The principle of the long tail is the direct opposite of focusing on the key terms, an example to illustrate, may be a highly competitive key term is would be ‘diamond ring’ and a long tail for the same business may be ‘princess cut diamond ring’. It tends to be the case that those using long-tail search queries are often highly qualified and more likely to convert into a sale. The trick is to find a reliable, renewable source of long tail keywords that are relevant to your site and your business niche, one way to do this could be through some kind of conducted survey or simply sit and think about the terms that you may enter when searching for your products.

Search engine marketing is an essential tool if you are hoping to create a successful internet business. If you are looking for a search marketing company with years of experience to help you develop your marketing strategy choose Digital State Marketing. At Digital State Marketing we can help you optimise your website, we have a host of different services to offer you including the important research for your key terms as well as long tail targetting.

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