Search Engine Optimisation Company: Grow Your Social Media Following

June 9, 2015 - Digital State Marketing

Social media is essential for your search marketing campaign, as it allows you to show search engines how many people appreciate your products and your website. Social media accounts also provide the opportunity to promote your products directly to those who are interested, making them a valuable advertising tool as well DSMMAYAM002as a valuable search marketing tool. The more genuine users of social media interact with you and your account, the more search engines will appreciate the value of your authority in your industry, and the better they may rank you. Additionally, having more social media users interested in your social media accounts provides more people for you to promote your products to, and those who ‘share’ your content will help you attract new customers. Read on for a search engine optimisation company’s guide to increasing your followers on social media.

Content Variety
First of all, you need to vary content in terms of what is promotional, what is simply helpful for your users and what may be there for entertainment only. In order to keep users on your page and keep you in their feed, you need to provide them with entertainment and information other than that which simply advertises your site. Users don’t like being constantly asked to buy things, so providing relevant extra information, or funny posts will help keep users interested. Secondly, you need to make sure there is a good mix of text, images and videos as this keeps users interested and appeals to different ways in which users like to receive information. If you only post text, then this will get boring as there is no visual stimulation. On the other hand, simply posting images can equally be boring and will not suit those users who like to take in more detailed information. Variety is key, and posting using a range of different types of media will keep your posts interesting and help gain and keep followers.

Build Relationships
As any good search engine optimisation company will know, it is also important to build relationships. This includes users and other companies within your community. A café, for example, may find it useful to share, comment on or otherwise engage with posts from a food or drinks company, as well as engage with posts from the general public. This shows that you are engaging with your audience, and helps build trust with your customers. It also helps your users see you as a group of people as opposed to a faceless company, which again builds trust, an essential part of any successful company-customer relationship. If you are seen as a company to be trusted, then you are likely to get more followers/likes and so on, and those you have are likely to stick around.

Run Contests
Another way to gain and maintain users is to run contests. Competitions with interesting prizes will draw the attention of potential customers, and help existing users keep visiting your pages and site. Everyone loves getting things for free, and investing time and money in a competition can draw a significant amount of interest to your site and products.

Let People Know
Finally, and perhaps most obviously, the best way to get social media users to ‘follow’ you is to make sure people know about your presence there. On your Facebook page, mention your Twitter page and so on. On your website, include links to all of your social media accounts. Don’t be afraid to let people know where you are – there are a lot of potential customers out there!

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