Using social media is a great way of promoting your brand as it gives you the opportunity to target scores of people at once. Shares on social media allow your content to spread even further, as they allow users to let their friends know about your brand too. Each time a piece of your content is shared, there is the possibility for hundreds of new potential customers to see it, and yet hundreds more if any of those people share it too. This means your social media presence has the potential to become a serious method of advertising, provided your content reaches the intended audience. Ways to increase the amount of shares received focus on both the actual content produced and your actions and interactions on your social media pages themselves. Read on for some advice from a search engine optimisation company on getting more shares at the first stage – the content production stage.
Create Great Headlines
First of all, you should always create great headlines. Any good search engine optimisation company should recommend this, as the headline is the first thing users will see, and it is this that draws people in to read your content in the first place. Sometimes, people share articles based solely on the headline too, so you could expand your reach based on this alone. Make sure it is attention-grabbing, short and to the point, and make sure it isn’t misleading.
Use Lists
Secondly, you should choose the format of your content carefully. People tend to dislike reading large chunks of text and quite like reading lists, as they offer a way of taking in information in small chunks ideal for the short attention spans of modern users. Listicles – articles based on lists – frequently get shared on social media, and are a great way of presenting information in an organised fashion.
Interview Others
Another format for article writing which can help you get more shares is interviews or ‘round-ups’. Interviewing popular names in your industry not only gives you the chance to name-drop, but it also often results in a share from each interviewee. This, of course, allows your article to reach their followers too.
Be Helpful
When writing articles you should also be helpful whenever the tone of the piece grants it (a piece intended to simply be comedic, for example, has less need for helpfulness). Articles which answer common queries or give genuinely helpful advice are more likely to get shared, as people enjoy being seen as a helpful resource for their friends.
Start Conversation
Your content should also aim to start conversation, whether that is through asking questions or causing slight controversy. Whilst that does not mean to start arguments necessarily, topic matter that opens up debate can be a great way of increasing shares if done properly. Just remember, you want to stimulate conversation, not offend people.
Use Visuals
Finally, to get more shares for your content you should also make sure you use visuals. Visuals tend to get more shares as users are drawn to them, and they are also helpful for keeping people reading as the images break up text. Depending on your brand, you may choose to use more or less visuals based on how professional you want to look and based on what it is you are selling. A holiday company, for example, would benefit from using a lot of images.
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