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//Search Engine Optimisation UK – Personality in Content

Search Engine Optimisation UK – Personality in Content

Search engine optimisation in the UK is essential for improving your site’s visibility, and producing great content is one of the most important tactics in SEO. Of course content needs to be original, engaging, factual and well-written, but it also needs to ‘speak’ to your readers in a way which reflects your brand personality. Having some sort of company personality helps prevent content from becoming boring and helps build the image you need to succeed. But where should you start?

Firstly, you need to define who you are as a company and what voice you want to have. Do you want a light-hearted image or a serious one? Do you want your readers to be laughing with you or simply absorbing what it is you are telling them? This is essential to find out and understanding your demographic is a good place to start. Work out what gender and age you are aiming for, as well as any other niches. If you are aiming at teenagers then you might take a much lighter tone than if you are aiming at professional adults and vice versa.

Once you have worked out what tone your audience will appreciate most, you can apply this to virtually every area of your content writing. Unless you are going for a very professional image, then writing in a conversational tone is often a good way to engage your audience. Writing in a more conversational, less formal tone ensures that your readers fully understand you and stops you from making them feel alienated by professional language or jargon. Similarly, using third person pronouns such as ‘we’ and ‘our’ helps the reader feel included, keeping them interested in your content and eliciting a more positive response.

Whether your writing style is formal or informal, using relevant real-life stories (including your own) also helps your readers relate to you as they help your company appear more human. People love stories, so they’ll help keep your content interesting and ensure you have a fresh angle to take when writing.

Finally, another way your content can become more personalised and thus more suited for search engine optimisation in the UK is by using images that better reflect you and your company. Using images of staff can again help you appear more human, which will set your customers at ease. People prefer companies that have a face, and will be much more comfortable in using a company that they feel they can ‘know’ beyond the company logo. Depending on the tone you wish to reflect, these images can be fun and even a little silly if your demographic will react well to this. This again makes you seem more human and helps users feel an emotional connection to your company – which is what keeps them coming back.

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