Search engine optimization company tips on creating original content

//Search engine optimization company tips on creating original content

Search engine optimization company tips on creating original content

When creating content, it is important that it is original. If you duplicate content, you risk infringing copyright law, and risk losing out on traffic and ranking if the duplication is picked up by Google. Not only that, but duplicate content is boring, and you’re unlikely to attract many readers with it. Deciding to produce original content is a no-brainer, but you might find it difficult to do so. Here are some tips from a search engine optimization company on how to write original content.

First of all, be aware of breaking news. Depending on what you’re writing about, you might need to keep a close eye on general news sites or sites specific to your area. As a search engine optimization company, we like to keep an eye on both general news sites and specific ones such as Search Engine Land, as well as being aware of announcements from Google themselves. Being aware of news as and when it happens is essential for keeping relevant and interesting – the whole point of news is that it is new. It also keeps your content original because you’re covering events as and when they happen, so there’s very little room for copying.

Don’t, however, be afraid to draw on old information if it is relevant. If covering this information provides some background or insight then don’t be afraid to use it – just make sure you reference whoever provides you with the information (unless it’s common knowledge that you already knew). On a similar note, when writing content you will often find that using authentic information from other sites (or books) adds a sense of authority to your work and makes it more trustworthy. Sometimes using other authentic information simply aids with explanations and makes it easier for you to lay the groundwork for your original content. Again, using other people’s content is fine – just make sure you reference it, ensure it’s authentic and factual, and don’t overdo it.

Another way to keep your content original is to add humour or controversy. Adding your own humorous touch keeps readers entertained and allows you to maintain some originality. If humour isn’t really your thing then don’t fake it, it can come across like you’re trying too hard and put off your reader. Instead, try adding some controversy by suggesting views or ideas that might not fit the status quo. Now, that’s not to say it’s a good idea to state something totally outrageous, but keeping your content challenging is a good way to maintain interest and even start debate.

Similarly, writing about something you’re interested in or know a lot about is another good way of producing original content. The more you know about a topic, the more you can analyse it and use your own brain to think of topics to cover. Sometimes it can be easy to do a quick search on something and see what information is out there. Try, instead, to take some time to think and see what your own brain can come up with. Writing about something you’re interested in also allows you to add your own perspective, or comment on your own experiences. Not only does this ensure that the content is totally original, but it also humanizes the content and helps others relate to what you are saying. People tend to be more interested in things they can relate to, as it makes them feel more involved and encourages them to engage fully in the content.

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