Search Engine Optimization UK – Creating Engaging Content

February 11, 2015 - Digital State Marketing

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization UK, it is important that your content is engaging in order to attract and maintain readers. One way to do this is to make your content informative, thought-provoking and succinct. Read on to find out more.


It is important that your content is informative in order for it to be valuable to the reader. Your content should answer all the relative questions the reader has and hopefully teach them a few things too. Make sure the content is directly relevant to the title and meta description so the reader gets exactly what they are looking for. When producing your content also make sure that it is as researched as possible, so that it is as factual and therefore as informative as possible.


It is also important that your content is thought-provoking in order to maintain the interest of your reader and thus help your Search Engine Optimization UK campaign. When creating content, you don’t want to talk at your reader but rather you want to talk to them and really involve them in what you’re saying. This way, your reader will be stimulated by your text and will better appreciate what you’re saying. When doing this, try using power words. Power words trigger emotions in people and thus create interest in what you are saying. Consider ‘afraid’ instead of ‘scared’ – the use of afraid elicits a stronger emotion and thus holds your interest tighter than ‘scared’.


When creating content, you also need to make sure it’s easy to read and straight to the point. If there’s a lot to say on a subject then by all means say a lot on the subject, but you should never try and flesh out your content with pointless information. People get put off by big chunks of text, so writing just as much as necessary under appropriate headings and titles ensures that your content is easy to read and both as brief and as informative as necessary. Similarly, keeping your sentences short and straight to the point is also helpful for producing engaging content. People sometimes think that long sentences appear more professional and more informative, but often they come across as simply too wordy. This can make it difficult to understand all of the information, and can make the content too ‘dense’.

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