A young man in Egypt has named his daughter Facebook in recognition of the role that the social media site has played in the Egyptian revolution.  The little girl was named Facebook Jamal Ibrahim. The social network site has played an undeniable role in attaining the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, after 30 years of holding the post. After the news of the naming spread across the world, the family have received numerous gifts and messages of support.

Figures demonstrate that Egypt has the highest number of Facebook users in the region and this number has been dramatically growing since the uprising on the 25th January. The number of groups being created has risen exponentially. No one doubts that there have been many influential sites such as Google or twitter involved in the Egyptian Social media driven revolution. Facebook seems to have been made the figurehead of this online movement in the imaginations of the Egyptian people. The feeling is that Facebook encompasses more aspects of social media than twitter alone. The creation of public groups meant that people who did not know each other could join together and express their views.

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