Many people take the time and effort sourcing a reputable search marketing company to ensure that their website ranks highly within the SERPS (search engine results pages). However, we don’t always expect search engines to have to market and advertise themselves. Surprisingly, TV adverts have been popping up recently advertising the Google Search App. Various television adverts have been appearing at peak times, advertising the search giant’s app. The app is a cross-platform search tool including the three major platforms Android, iOS and Windows. Whilst we expect Google to dominate the world of search, it seems that the uptake on iOS has been poor hence the reason to advertise the service.

It just goes to show that even search engines need to utilise all marketing avenues. If you mainly market your business in print ads and on the TV perhaps it is time to research how you can market effectively online. Print and television articles are especially costly and can eat into your marketing budget whilst not receiving a ROI therefore perhaps it is time you entered the world of search marketing to boost your visibility and profitability online.

One common method used to accelerate your online presence is search engine optimisation. The practice of SEO targets organic search; that is, targeting the rankings that appear on the left hand side within a search engine’s results pages. Commissioning a search marketing company to provide SEO services can help to boost your visibility within the SERPS. This, in turn, can lead to users viewing your site as being more established and reputable and so they are more likely to have more trust in your services or products.

Another method that many businesses are choosing to utilise is that of social media. With an estimated 1 billion Facebook users and 500 million Twitter users, social media is a fantastic platform on which to reach out to your target audience through a different medium and thus raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.

At Digital State Marketing, we have given a brief over view of two different methods by which you can market your company online. We offer a wide range of cost effective packages, from SEO to social media and PPC to premium web design. If SEO is a new practice to you or you are looking for a new search marketing company to market your company online then contact DSM today for a no obligation proposal and audit to see which of our many services would be appropriate for you and your business.