To the untrained eye, search marketing can sometimes seem elementary.  It is clear, however, to us at Digital State Marketing that there is considerable knowledge and experience required to do it effectively – after all, if it was easy, everyone would succeed at it. Not only does success rely on a sophisticated understanding and application of essential marketing principles, it also requires a solid awareness of those pitfalls that are specific to search marketing and can trip up the unwary.

If you haven’t done this already, the first phase is to step back and identify what you want your company to be doing.  Whilst it may sound obvious, it is imperative that you bottom out what your key products are, how you define yourself as a company and what you regard, tangibly, as success or failure for the company.  Once you have answered these questions, you can think more clearly about what you need from your marketing, both broadly as a company and specifically in your online presence via the various avenues of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Firstly, remember that your website is, quite simply, a medium by which you interact with your customers, clients and partners.  In the same way that you need to maximise the efficiency of your use of your telephones or your face-to-face negotiations, you need to apply the same logic to the effectiveness of your website.  Your website needs to be designed with your identified marketing strategies at the forefront of your mind so that you minimise the traffic that visits and then leaves without generating you revenue or useful data.  Central is the importance of a simple and intuitive transaction process, which guides users through each step and makes each purchase as easy to complete as is possible. If your website fails to achieve this, no amount of search marketing will improve your return on investment (ROI).

Once you have a website that is doing its job effectually, you need to be ensuring that potential customers are finding it.  Having identified what your target areas are, you have to feature at the top of the rankings for your desired search terms.  If the keyterms you desire are too competitive to achieve success with, then choose areas you can succeed at, improve your ROI through well-considered SEO and then move on to the bigger terms when you’re ready.  This is where having a broader marketing campaign plan is vital – you have to know where you’re going, otherwise you don’t know when you’ve got there.

With this in mind, it is vital that you keep involved. Your search marketing is only successful as long as it is in harmony with your overarching marketing plan and, moreover, in harmony with your targets for your company as a whole. Keep your campaigns current and relevant by analysing your website data and using that information to formulate future refinements.

At Digital State Marketing, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure that both parties are clear on where their marketing strategy is headed, what constitutes success and what is required to achieved that success.  Our portfolio demonstrates our consistent success in improving the search marketing campaigns of our partners through intelligent content writing and ethical backlinks, coupled to a rigorous analytical process that ensures we’re always prepared for the next stage in your company’s development.

Get in contact with us, via our website or on the phone, and we’ll put together a no-obligation proposal that will see your online presence, and your company as a whole, go from strength to strength.