Marketing your company and website effectively through search marketing is important in order to ensure the success of the business, but it isn’t all about just attracting potential customers or clients.  If you want to stay in the minds of anyone who has used your business previously or those who are thinking about using your business then you have to engage with them.  Social media has made it incredibly easy for people to comment, ask questions and give feedback, and the onus is on companies to make sure that they respond.

Effective search marketing strategies can help with your rankings on search engines, this is important in terms of the visibility of your company to people who are searching for key terms related to your site.  Research shows that 53% of people will click on the top rated listing for any search, the company in second place will receive 15% of the clicks, but anyone lower down than this will receive less than 10%.  This shows that search marketing strategies are essential to ensure the initial footfall to your site.

With the rise in popularity of social media, people like to feel that they can contact anyone at any time, this includes contacting brands.  Social media is a two-way Street in terms of communication and engagement though, people leave comments and feedback and they expect to get a response.  In actual fact, responses are seldom left, with studies showing that only 30% of comments receive feedback; this could be seen as giving the impression that your company does not care what their customers think.

Similarly there is a lack of engagement on the part of customers in terms of postings and messages left by companies; less than 1% of Facebook fans respond to the majority of messages that companies leave.  This shows a gap between what the kind of information being shared and the kind of information which customers want.  Ultimately there needs to be a greater understanding of the kind of information that the public wish to get from the brands that they follow through social media and a greater level of response from companies.