SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimisation” or “search engine optimiser.” The decision to employ or not the services of an seo firm is a very important one to get right. The industry is largely deregulated and with that comes potential problems.

Search marketing can make a huge, positive difference to the turnover and profitability of a site but can also, if mis-managed, damage and dent the balance sheet and reputation of a company.

Search marketing and search engine optimisation also need at this point to be kept apart. When we talk about natural search results we mean exactly that, the left hand or organic results. We do not engage in an seo project to position a client in the sponsored listings of google or any other search engine. That is a role performed by the paid advertising department or PPC. The natural rankings can not be bought and google will not and never has accepted payment for such positions.

Google and the other search engines are very respectable and sophisticated engines with an editorial integrity that will not be compromised by quick fix seo consultants dumping huge quantities of low quality inbound links into a site or by people suggesting the use of gateway pages or falsifying traffic statistics via adware / malware or other such unethical means.

A good search marketing company will talk you through the content on your site – making the most of the information that you have – they will also advise upon structure of the site to maximise its impact. They will advise upon link building strategies that are coherent and relevant and that engage in good community practice focussing these energies upon agreed keywords that have a potential ROI.

Beware of the cheap.

Ask yourself logical business questions – a good quality professional search marketing firm are not going to be able to look at the site – do the research – make recommendations – implement and then execute that project in a competitive market for virtually nothing – it is not realistic and often does not produce results. Be sure to know exactly where your money is going and what you are getting for it. Ask the question; good search marketing companies will tell you the break down and be open and honest about their practices – like anything in life if they are not, they may be hiding something.