Not all links are created equal.

The reality is that you should use links and specific styles of anchor text for different reasons. In fact, there are 5 types of links that are regularly used, each with a different purpose in mind:

  1. Sales Links: These are used as calls to action – for example the BUY NOW button on retail sites.
  2. Helpful Resource Links: You could argue that every link is helpful in its own way, but Helpful Resource links are those that you use to provide your audience with additional, in-depth information for example on our Search marketing and SEO factors to consider II page you will find an outbound link to Google webmasters, this gives our clients extra information and backs up what we have said on that page
  3. Friendly Links: We link to a number of people on a regular basis, if they have good quality content that our clients will find interesting then this is the right thing to do, we have outbound links in our site to some of our clients like for example on our client testimonials page
  4. Notice Me Links: Websites and particularly blogs spend a lot of time trying to get and to keep people’s attention. This is a crucial part of internet marketing and reduces bounce rate.  They’re either used to target a specific blogger, or reach out to a slew of them and build attention.
  5. Internal Links: You should link to your own websites and blog posts on a regular basis. Most search marketing companies will tell you this is a good way to pass page rank between pages of a site.