Recently Google users were given the opportunity to indulge in playing interactive Olympic animated games within Google’s Doodles. This has led us here at Digital State Marketing to think about the Google Doodles; their journey and origin.

The Google Doodles began in 1998 with a simple stick man illustrated in conjunction with one of Google’s ‘0’s’,this was to highlight the fact that the Google founders Larry and Sergey were out of office and at the Burning Man Festival. Following this doodles were created and displayed to commemorate big holidays; Christmas, Easter, St. Valentines, St Patricks day etc.

For those of us who use Google daily, the Doodlers behind the scenes have provided much entertainment and even education to bored office workers and students. Every day hundreds of millions of people use Google and are exposed to the doodle of the day. You could say that this is a good way to start the day, provoking thought and discussion.

Looking back at the images we can see a huge progression for example the Olympic interactive doodles we saw this summer were far from the kangaroo standing beside the Google logo for the Sydney Olympic games.

To this day the Doodlers at Google have created and shared over a thousand doodles. In some respects we could regard these as educational, the youth of today spend an immense amount of time on the internet and on Google’s search engine, and here they can learn of different independence days, festivals, celebrations, artists’ birthday and so much more. The Google Doodles have the benefit of teaching you about important dates, provoking thoughts for significant people or inventors overlooked for simple yet essential items such as the zip. As well as being aesthetically pleasing we are now seeing more and more interactive doodles for example; the Pac man; the Stylophone and of course the Olympic Games.

Although the Doodles are enjoyed by millions globally, how much thought is given to their origin? Who are the Doodlers? Something is revealed in the Charlie Chaplin doodle celebrating his 122nd birthday here the entire Doodle team perform a comic routine.

Here at Digital State Marketing we specialise in digital marketing and search engine optimisation and thus spend a lot of time on Google and genuinely enjoy seeing and learning about the Doodle of the day.

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