Search marketing is now more important than ever. High Street sales are declining and in Digital State Marketing’s view, this is for various reasons.

  • The High Street has, over the last few years fallen behind the competitive prices that the internet can offer, having high costs for showrooms and for High Street stores.
  • The number of products that a store can physically hold is significantly less than an online store; some online stores have in excess of 10,000 products available (and therefore ask for the help of Digital State Marketing).
  • Window shoppers and people that enquire about a product in a store and have a demonstration of said product, then go home or back to work and just search online for the same product at a cheaper price.
  • Physical shops have the geographical limitation of their location. People seldom travel more than an hour to shops and they certainly do not have national reach in most cases.

An ethical search marketing company will know this and welcome enquiries for those that trade online and want to take advantage of the credit crunch. While the High Street may suffer, many predict that online spending will increase significantly over the next few years and our clients will be well positioned in the search engine rankings to take advantage of this.

If we look at the history of boom and bust Britain, it may suggest that we will be in this cycle for a few years to come, so log onto Google, MSN or Yahoo and search for a credit crunch busting offer.