As you will no doubt know search marketing is the umbrella term for SEO, PPC, Social media and any other action that aids the promotion of your site on the search engines. While you can see the effects of many of these elements, for example seeing the performance of your keywords in reports or seeing the data from your latest PPC ad, the results of blogging are not always as clear. From a business perspective, search marketing tends to be treat as “seen and not heard” for example many companies hire a search marketing company to work on their site, then in a bid to save money, opt to generate their own content. Then the reality of running a business sets in and no content gets written, as such the whole SEO campaign is less optimum and results aren’t gained as rapidly as expected. So the concept of allocating time and therefore budget to the production of content, that won’t even improve your sites all important content counts can seem ridiculous.  However, this is where we at Digital State Marketing would like to interject and remind you that blogging falls into the category of social media rather that onsite optimisation. While Twitter and Facebook profiles engage your clients in a proactive manner, these methods are often sharp, short and lack real substance. This is where blogging comes into its own, as it allows you to create posts about your industry that are worthwhile and add value, for example if you are a flooring company, posting informative blogs about installing floors, may actually help someone to install their floor. Well written blogs, with clear linking structures to your main site and provide a level of traffic that is more convertible than traffic gained from keywords alone.

At Digital State Marketing, we offer blogging as part of our social media packages. We can set up Word press or Blogger plugins, we can produce the blog posts themselves and we can even host your blog site for your business.  As part of your search marketing campaign, we can also produce high quality and fully optimised articles of content for your site at competitive prices.