Search marketing can help identify why nobody links to your site

//Search marketing can help identify why nobody links to your site

Search marketing can help identify why nobody links to your site

So you have an amazing product and a well ranked site – in theory that should guarantee people linking to you, right? Unfortunately not necessarily! Whether you have a great product or not, would you want to link to a poor quality website? I know I wouldn’t. It’s the small details that can make a big difference. Learn how search marketing can help you identify issues with your website and help to resolve them thus making users more likely to link to you.

So let’s look at some different issues that can affect your website’s performance and how search marketing can help to change your thinking.

Page Load Speed

If your website takes a long time to load, users won’t hang around too long and will look to link to the next site. It’s not just users that will become bored –when Google crawls your site it may stop crawling if you have lengthy load speeds.

Stale content

No new content on your site can be a real turn-off – to users and Google alike.  Take your blog, for example – if you never update it, what is the point in having it?

I would tend to navigate away from a website which hasn’t been updated in months. Again, Google also likes to see fresh quality content when it crawls your site so uploading fresh content ensures Google is happy too.

Furthermore, if you have unoriginal content on your site and have borrowed from other websites, you aren’t demonstrating the ‘unique features’ of your product and are therefore giving the searcher too many options to choose to link to. So you need yours to stand out from the crowd.

Check out the competition – how do other websites compare to yours in terms of content? For example, if you need to tile your bathroom, would you rather use a site that has a step by step instructional video or just a written guide?

Old-fashioned design

How does your website look – is it dated? Too much unnecessary information?

The value of a professionally built website is crucial. People are more likely to use a great looking, easy-to-navigate site with the right balance of information and call-to-actions than an outdated, old site crammed full of useless information. People have become too sophisticated in their digital expectations and simply don’t have the time.

Have we got you thinking? Perhaps your site needs a technical audit to check it functions as you would expect? Within a technical audit things such as load speeds, meta data and keyword densities are checked and optimised so you have a site that not only benefits your SEO campaign but is a site that other users want to link to and share.

For more information on how search marketing and SEO services can help to audit and optimise your site, and help create links to your website then please contact the team at Digital State Marketing.

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