Search marketing companies: Google has a sense of humour!

//Search marketing companies: Google has a sense of humour!

Search marketing companies: Google has a sense of humour!

Whilst search marketing companies tend to see Google as an intense and serious company who are constantly working on new algorithms and updates, it seems that the search engine giant does in fact have a sense of humour!

April fool’s day this year saw the release of various new interesting extras to the search site. Those who hopped online on April 1st saw a link on Google’s homepage to Google nose. The new feature claimed to be the new ‘scentsation’ in search by allowing users to actually smell their search results. The release even claimed that Google had developed an ‘aromabase’ of more than 15 million scentibytes, ranging from garlic to dumpsters that searchers could sniff! This would be an interesting hurdle for search marketing companies to contend with.

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The fooling also spread to the other side of the World with Google Australia releasing SCHMICK: Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit. The new feature allowed those who were especially bored with the exterior of their home to spruce it up with the different themes and features on offer. The new feature incorporated images taken by Google maps in order to do so.  Google maps were also at the centre of another Google prank. The ever popular Google Maps was even said to have a new treasure map so that users could find gold!

The foolery online spread further afield than just the search engines with social media sites joining in. YouTube announced that they were closing down at midnight so that a panel of experts could pick the best video ever with the site being re-launched in 2023. The results were to be released at a later date. Twitter also joined in the mockery by renaming themselves Twttr; the micro-blogging site cancelled the use of vowels as of April 1st, if users wanted to use vowels in their tweets it would cost them $5 a month in order to do so!

If such extras were to be incorporated into the online world of search and social media this would involve an interesting learning curve for search marketing companies to learn how to provide SEO services in terms of smell! Thankfully the new releases were just an April fool’s prank! Let’s hope that the pranks haven’t ignited any ideas…

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