Search Marketing Companies: Google’s Webmaster Tools Message Centre

//Search Marketing Companies: Google’s Webmaster Tools Message Centre

Search Marketing Companies: Google’s Webmaster Tools Message Centre

Whilst many search marketing companies view Google as the enemy, they do post various tutorials and help web videos to give the search marketing industry an insight into what the search engine is currently working on and how to use the new features that they have developed and subsequently released.

One particular Google feature that you should pay close attention to is your Google Webmaster Tools Message Centre. Once you have created your site, it is likely that you have then set up a Webmaster Tools account for your site. For more information about Webmaster Tools account, visit the Digital State Marketing or contact our team.

An important feature of your Webmaster Tools account is the Message Centre. This feature is the primary communication method between Google and webmasters. The search giant may want to let you know about various issues with your site that may affect the health of your site or about certain events that maybe of interest to you. Google also uses the Message Centre to alert webmasters to important information that is available in other areas of their Webmaster Tools account.

Whilst the concept of receiving messages from Google regarding behavioural changes in their site, for example, the world’s favourite search engine also provides site-specific examples to help you recognise the problem, understand why it is an actual problem and how to fix it.

With many companies teaming up with reputable search marketing companies to boost their visibility online, it is vital that you read such messages as the issues raised by Google could relate to something that is impacting on your sites rankings in the search engines result pages. It is therefore essential that you receive such information quickly to ensure that you can respond. The search engine recommends that you begin using the email forwarding feature in the Message Centre so that you do not miss any important messages. Google states that they will only email you when they feel it is relevant therefore it is highly unlikely that you will be inundated with spammy-type messages.

If you are new to using Google’s Webmaster Tools or you would like assistance in devising a successful search marketing campaign, visit our website or contact our experienced and knowledgeable team.

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