It is no secret that the importance of social media has been growing with regards to successful search marketing campaigns. Since Maile Ohye announced the use of the digital handshake between a website and a Google+ page, many business owners are recognising the need for utilising social media profiles.

Even those that are not particularly familiar with social media or search marketing will have heard of various social media websites, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However as is the case with the online world, these sites are constantly changing therefore it is important to remain up-to-date with any new changes to ensure that your company is using the particular social media site in an effective way.

As a search marketing company, we ensure that we are regularly reading for any newly released changes. One particular social media website that has announced changes recently is Twitter. The micro-blogging site is currently in the process of rolling our changes with regards to their search results. The changes bring Twitter’s Web search more in line with the current mobile experience.

Twitter has made three primary changes to the sites main search results panel. People, or account holders, are now mixed into the search results. Alongside this, photos are now shown in the mainstream search results. There is also a new photos tab which joins the “Results” and “People” filters.

However, the changes are not limited to these three primary changes. There is also now an option to view Recent Searches and Saved Searches. These can be viewed via a dropdown box after clicking on the search box. Further additions to the search box include what Twitter calls “social context.” That is, as you type a search, Twitter is now telling you the relationship (if any) you have with matching accounts.

Whilst not everyone will currently being seeing these changes, they will be rolled out to all profiles in the very near future. If you are not currently using social media and would like further information on setting up profiles or how it can be incorporated into search marketing campaigns, please visit our website.