Search Marketing Company: have you considered your Digital Will?

April 17, 2013 - ContentTransfer

At The Digital State Marketing, we catch up on all search marketing related news daily, whether that be specialist news or in the general media. One article in particular that caught our interest in the main stream news recently was regarding “digital wills.”

The search giant Google is constantly evolving and it now seems that they are extending their services even further. Recent reports have stated that Google is to give users an option to create a ‘digital will’ to protect their online data. The new development will allow users to choose what they would like to happen to their online account and data after they die.

As with the Google Glass phenomenon, it seems that the search site is one of the first to tackle such an idea. The facility, aptly dubbed “data-after-death”, will let account holders tell Google what they would like to happen with emails and other data if their account becomes inactive. For example, emails can be deleted after six or twelve month’s inactivity. Another possible option for users would be for specific people to receive access to the data.

At The Digital State Marketing, we think this is a fantastic idea as death is inevitable, after all. With society becoming increasingly digital, it is only natural for people to want certain strategies in place to sensitively manage their online data.

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