Search Marketing Company: Google Modifications For Gay Pride Month

//Search Marketing Company: Google Modifications For Gay Pride Month

Search Marketing Company: Google Modifications For Gay Pride Month

Those that regularly search using Google, and even those that don’t, are likely to be familiar with Google Doodles. However last month, Google yet found another way to decorate their rather plain homepage.

As a search marketing company, a vast proportion of our time is spent conducting searches using Google however last month (June 2013) users may have been surprised to see a rainbow box appear around the search box when conducting LGBT searches. The 3-D styled rainbow encasing of the search box for LGBT searches is Google’s way of recognising Gay Pride Month, as you can see on the image below. This is just one of many ways in which Google show their support for the LGBT community and employees.

Google LGBT search box


The search giant has incorporated the rainbow-themed search boxes for Gay Pride Month since 2008. This year, along with the colourful rainbow search bar, Google has created a Google Pride logo, as seen below. The Google Pride logo, from its worldwide logo design contest, was printed on shirts worn by Googler’s as they marched during the Pride Parade on June 30th. This year saw the 8th Annual Pride Parades hosted by Google, held in San Francisco, Chicago, New York City and Dublin.

Google Pride Logo

Along with marking Gay Pride Month, Google have a team of talented designers to create memorable Google Doodles to mark a whole host of occasions, such as Independence Day, St Davids Day and Chinese New Year as well as marking the birthdays of famous people throughout history. Having a catching and professional looking website is important, especially in today’s competitive market as more and more companies begin to operate online. If you would like some advice on your website design, including both usability and appearance, contact our experienced technical team today.

Alongside having a fantastic site, it is important to be visible within the SERPS (search engine results pages). Ensure you ask about the components of a successful search marketing campaign and how Digital State Marketing will be able to help to boost your visibility online and thus help you see a greater ROI. For more information, browse the knowledge base on our website or contact our team.

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