Even those that are not familiar with the internet or search marketing will be able to recognise the Google logo with ease. With the UK’s largest search engine branching off into new products, such as Google Glass, and venturing into the world of mobile search, it is no surprise that the new figures released show that Google’s profits are up significantly from last year.

The search giants net profits are up 16% from last year and have boosted up to $3.35bn (£2.19bn) for the first three months of the year. The significant rise has been attributed to the search engine adapting to meet the growing demand for search on mobile and tablet devices. More and more consumers are searching and browsing online using mobile devices as opposed to PC’s and so the search giant has shifted focus to improving its mobile advertising.

With the economy still in a recession it is interesting to see such a large boost in net profits. Although whilst Google seems to be having great success, it seems that many other companies are actually struggling. Large names, such as Tesco and JD Sports have had to invest heavily following a slide in profits. This is the first time that Tesco’s profits have fallen in 20 years.

It seems that Google isn’t the only company to be benefiting from operating online. The department store chain Debenhams has supported the claim that there is a shift currently taking place in the retail industry. It has been stipulated that online retail is more profitable than traditional high street stores. Recently Debenhams have supported this claim by reporting that their online business is currently proving more profitable for the firm.

The reported successes of Google and Debenhams demonstrate that more people are shopping online and in turn more companies are allocating more budget to marketing themselves effectively online. However, the online world is an increasingly competitive place. An experienced and reputable search marketing company will be able to boost your visibility online whilst also helping to drive traffic to your site and so ultimately seeing an increase in ROI. If this is something that you are interested in, contact Digital State Marketing today for a no obligation discussion.