The main target for a search marketing company is to get their clients to appear at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS) for Google. The search giant is the favourite search engine worldwide and so the first page rankings are highly sought after and so competitive. However, in recent years Google has been branching out from search.

From YouTube and Google + to Google Earth, the search engine has many different services at the fingertips of its users. Many internet users may be familiar with Google Maps however the search giant has recently announced another development in this area, namely Google Map Maker.

Whilst the service was first launched back in 2008 in Pakistan and a dozen other countries, it has only just been released in the UK. The browser based software allows you to add and update geographic information for the millions of Google maps users to see. It allows the blanks to be filled in that Google left when they first captured the images for the site. Users have a detailed menu which allows them to add or change the geographic information for their neighbourhood. For example, changes can be made with regards to places, roads, rivers, railways, building outlines, natural features and political boundaries. The changes have to be reviewed and approved before they actually go live. Users can, however, build trust that will result in fewer checks once they have submitted various changes that have then been approved.

The changes by Google to the browser based software follows recent heavy investments by Nokia, Apple and others in “free-to-use” map technologies. Currently, the search giant is seeing little or no financial return from the map maker software however profits could be generated in the future, perhaps through location-triggered adverts.

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