As a search marketing company, we are often aware that many business owners have many misconceptions about search marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). Matt Cutt’s, head of search spam at Google, was recently asked this question and so we are going to provide an overview of Matt’s latest SEO misconception that he would like to put to rest.

The latest misconception surrounds the use of patents. Briefly, a patent is a set of exclusive rights granted to anyone who invents any new, useful and non-obvious process.

Just because a patent has a particular person’s name on that works at Google or works specifically in search quality does not necessarily mean that the patent is in use at that moment or that it is likely to be used in the future. Patents therefore lead to a lot of speculation in the search marketing industry.

Matt gave the example relating directly to Google. An employee of the search giant had gained a patent on the idea and the mechanism which allows you to look at how people change their websites following an update. This particular patent led to great speculation throughout many search marketing companies. Business owners also became very cautious with regards to SEO. The general consensus was “why bother if Google is just going to keep an eye?” Google will be monitoring the changes and then changing their ranking in response. However, Matt was keen to point out that just because the employee had gained the patent does not mean that Google is currently using that technology.