Search Marketing Company: Pope Francis begins tweeting!

//Search Marketing Company: Pope Francis begins tweeting!

Search Marketing Company: Pope Francis begins tweeting!

Here at Digital State Marketing we have previously brought you various articles detailing the social media efforts of the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI stated that he wanted the church to be closer to ordinary people and so suggested that all churches throughout the world should develop social media strategies in order to reach out to a wider and more youthful audience. Pope Benedict XVI even went as far as setting up the twitter account ‘@pontifex’ which means ‘pope’ in Latin. Following the step down of Pope Benedict XVI, all previous tweets were erased and the account deleted.

Since the election of Pope Francis, the search marketing world has been deliberating whether the new Pope would carry on the efforts of Pope Benedict XVI. We can confirm that Pope Francis is also a firm believer in the realms of social media and has resurrected the previously deleted twitter account only 4 days after he was elected.

Pope Francis has hired two American Undergraduates interns to assist him in his new quest. Sean Hudgins and Danielle McMonagle from Villanova University, a Catholic school in Pennsylvania, will help the new Pope with regards to tweeting and also to monitor twitter for possible fake accounts.

The aim is to tweet much more frequently than Pope Benedict XVI and to capture a wider audience. Surprisingly, since the reappearance of the Vatican’s twitter page the flock of followers has doubled from 2.5 million to 5 million in just 7 weeks! Pope Francis will also be tweeting in 9 different languages, including English, Arabic, Latin and Spanish with the content of the tweets being snippets of religious instructions as opposed to personal information.

It would appear that Pope Francis is achieving his aims of reaching out to a wider audience. In modern times, social media is a fantastic way to gain recognition. If social media is on your marketing agenda this financial year, why not consider commissioning the help of a reputable and trusted search marketing company? Here at Digital State Marketing we have a whole wealth of clients in very different niches. If you require further information, visit our website or contact us for a no obligation discussion.

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